How I linked UX with Architecture and Entrepreneurship

I'm a big picture thinker passionate about make the difference in people's lives.
My mission is to find solutions that impact billions of people to enable a happy and meaningful life. 
I enjoy using my skill set to empower people to accomplish their goals.
I am an architect that became an expert in UX design.

I developed projects that added impact on people's lives to change their point of view about their surrounding environment and cities. One of the most important learning about this experience was the process to achieve their goals and needs. Each project I followed these steps: 
+ deep research on people and context;
+ followed by a series of speculation of how we can achieve their needs;
+ until the project execution.

In the past, I built a jewelry brand from the concept until financial reports and customer approach. I was responsible for all the branding strategies for more than 8 years.
It was a time that I faced challenging situations but also, It was a valuable opportunity to refine my skills and increase self-confidence.

I created and developed more than 30 jewelry collections launches from the “product thinking ” to the marketing strategy. Those projects involved benchmark and portfolio analyses, as well as usability, viability, and profit plans.

my turning point: 
Over my career, I often found myself using creative UX solutions and methodologies, even before attending specific courses. I was excited by discovering new approaches and solutions by revisiting my previous skills.
Nowadays I am a UX designer based in Geneva working for a Fintech and a luxury fitness equipment company.

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